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Turnkey project

In an economy that requires our clients to tighten their budgets, slow down on investments, and downsize their engineering and project departments, clients need to manage their businesses very carefully, innovate, and be creative in order to attract investments and stay competitive. S3i understands this situation, which is why we’ve developed expertise in carrying out turnkey projects. You’re the process experts, we’re the project experts! Based on your flow diagrams, suggestions, and ideas, S3i has the capacity to manage your project from the budgeting stage through to delivery.

  • Design engineering
  • Front-end engineering
  • Detailed engineering

This approach produces unbeatable results when it comes to budget, scheduling, and performance, not to mention that it frees up our clients to manage their own operations.

Turnkey project: an optimal solution

In this operating mode, emphasis is placed on costs from day 1. Since we’re directly involved in each step, it’s easy to assess all of the options, gauge their real impact, and make timely and informed decisions. The engineering steps are not divided and are carried out early in the final details, those required for on-site manufacturing and installation. Since we are responsible for all steps, it’s also easier to manage and optimize schedules. Finally, the turnkey mode puts an end to the eternal debates about unscheduled work between the designers and the installers. We are 100% responsible for the project. S3i has all the elements needed to ensure its projects are successful, including an experienced, dedicated team that places the client’s interests first and that meets its obligations with respect, loyalty, audacity, pride, and enjoyment.

Our engineering team, and our manufacturing and installation departments work with you to optimize the process:

  • A single contact between you and S3i from start to finish, for easy communication and coordination;
  • Overall reduction in budgets and deadlines;
  • A practical, efficient approach inspired by our extensive and varied experience;
  • No issues related to unscheduled work because the designer is also the installer.
Installation of equipment on paper machines
Pulp and paper
Multiple sites across Canada.
New dryer on the gypsum line
Construction materials
Mississauga, ON, Canada