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Labour leasing

Whether for a temporary replacement, a surplus of work, special projects, or scheduled shutdowns, we can provide you with skilled labourers at competitive rates. Our workers are safe, experienced, and versatile. They receive regular retraining to ensure their WHS certifications and training are up to date. We are able to supply labour in most parts of Québec and across Canada.

Leasing of specialized labourers: we’re here to help you meet your temporary needs

Our workers have the personal protective equipment and basic tools needed to do their jobs. Depending on your needs, we can also supply additional tools and equipment. Our workers will adapt to your methods and schedules, fitting in with your teams or working independently, under your supervision or ours. In short, we take care of whatever you need!

Our team is comprised of:

- Supervisors

- Industrial mechanics (millwright)

- Welders

- Pipe fitters

- Tinsmiths

- Insulators