S3i is a contractor that specializes in industrial construction projects involving the installation of production equipment and the full range of industrial services.

- Are you planning a project at your plant?

- Have you purchased new equipment that you want to install?

- Are you looking for an efficient, safe contractor to do your work?

S3i is the contractor for you! Operating outside of the scope of Act R-20 (non-unionized), our teams are comprised of regular, skilled, versatile labourers fully dedicated to the success of your projects. They provide the efficiency and flexibility you need to save time and money.

Installation and projects: different methods for better results

S3i specializes in mechanical work, such as industrial mechanics, pipe fitting, ventilation, boilermaking, and insulation. In partnership with Papillon et fils (industrial manufacturing) and its other divisions, S3i is capable of managing all aspects of a project. Its project management team includes engineers, project managers, draftsmen and designers, superintendents, foremen, and safety experts. For S3i, safe work methods are a priority, along with staying true to its values in everything it does.

We work with all types of contracts, including:

- Flat-rate contract with plan and specifications;

- Cost-plus contract with maximum price;

- Cost-reimbursement contract (time and material).

New clarifier, piping, mechanical work, and hvac
Mines and quarries
Granisle, BC, Canada
Pilot plant, 500 tons of lithium annually
Mines and quarries
Shawinigan, Qc, Canada
Condex energy recovery system
Brampton, MB, Canada